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Francis Smith
-flowers with meaning -

Once upon a time in the wild wild west of London, Lizzie used to frequent her local Italian restaurant after a long day at work, managing musicians. As a flower fanatic, she’d often remark on the beautiful displays inside. When Philippa confided that not only did, she run restaurants brilliantly but also created discussion worthy flowers, their fate was sealed; the conversation instantly turned from pizzas to peonies.

“Nature is not matter only, she is also spirit”

- Carl Jung

Francis Smith was selfishly borne out of a desperation for floral sublimity in Brackenbury Village. Our workshop was created to share our vision and exquisite flowers with likeminded neighbours. We believe in celebrating the magical language & beauty of flowers and their symbolism; love, passion, healing, apology & joy are just five of many reasons to have or gift flowers. In an overly digitised world, the art of retail interaction is often lost behind a screen or an impersonal cardboard package. Our heart and soul is in bringing flowers to our community and sharing our passion with our customers. We also delivery by bicycle or by foot, wherever possible, as being ecologically minded for us in no longer an option but a necessity.

flower workshop

Flowers with meaning

“Can we speak in flowers, it will be easier to understand."

From our Brackenbury Village workshop, we are here to fulfil your floral desires from as small as a delicate jam jar, to a special birthday or a breath-taking wedding; we would love to talk flowers with you for all and any occasions.

To Order flowers, call us on 07837585786 or drop us an email with some details…

Flower Subscriptions

We wholeheartedly believe that receiving a weekly bunch of beautiful fresh flowers is life enhancing and a wonderful way to bring nature into our lives & homes; it should be one of the weekly rituals we partake in to make us all feel better.

Each week our gorgeous seasonal blooms will not only look stunning but will feature flowers aligning to our monthly affirmations blog, which goes deeper into the symbolism & healing properties of the flowers we love so much.

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Our Floral Gallery

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Wellness @ -1

Francis Smith is lucky enough to work out of the -1 Workshop. A uniquely special place offering a host of wellness events including yoga, meditation, sound therapy and discussion groups alongside floral and vegan cookery workshops.

To find out more about the wellness activities we have coming up, you can either email Lizzie at or follow @minusoneworkshop on Instagram